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  How to Get Free Online Traffic for Your Offline Business  
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  Ways to Bring More Traffic to Your Website for Your Offline Business  

One of the most common questions asked by business owners of offline businesses is how to bring more traffic to their website, and not just any traffic but targeted traffic. Let’s look at 3 ways to do just that. 

#1 Guest Posts
This has become one of the fastest ways to find a larger audience, while you build authority with your potential customers. Many marketers rely on this method. It will help you to gain SEO benefits too. But you need to be smart about it – no spamming. This is a great way to offer high quality content and what you’ll get is thousands of readers following you rather than just dozens. You can really benefit from guest posting if you use them wisely.

#2 The How-To Video 
What is it your customers would like to get from you? Do they get tattoos? Are they photographers? Do they want to know how to dye their hair blue?  Whatever your business targets, you can make a ‘how-to’ video to help your customers. 

These have become increasingly popular with all age groups. You don’t need any expensive equipment. Almost every smart phone has a video camera or you can use the camera on your computer. Then upload to YouTube and share on website. 

Keep in mind that the more competitive the topic the better your video is going to have to be. 

#3 A Q&A Session
You can use Q&A sessions to engage your audience and build rapport and trust with your audience who are either existing customers or potential customers. To do your Q&A session you can use a telesiminar, webinar or any other tool you find you are comfortable with. Just make sure that it is easy for your fans to follow and learn, which will peak their interest and ultimately sell your product(s)/service(s).

Bringing traffic to your website is important, but more importantly, you want that traffic to be targeted. For example, you sell Widgets A&B but you are promoting Widgets D&E so the traffic that comes to your site is looking for something that your offline business doesn’t even sell. This technique is annoying and frustrating for consumers. Don’t use it! Spend your efforts brining to your website traffic that is looking for what it is you have to offer. Remember the more services and perks you offer your potential customer the more likely you are to bring the traffic you want to your website

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