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10 High Quality Video Courses

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Get licensing rights to five proven hot sellers that'll have beginner's coming to you time and time again for their learning needs!

Become an instant expert in a variety of sub-niches within the internet marketing niche without having to do any of the research yourself!

Ready to upload and install on your server within minutes! Professional creation, editing and attention to detail makes these products so easy to start selling from day 1!

If you've been online for a while, you'll know that selling your own products is a great way to start making money online - and the internet marketing niche is a great market to get into because it's expanding all the time!

Now I understand that not everyone has the time, skills or desire to create and sell their own product - but when everything has been done, it's a different ball game altogether. And forget just having one product created for you, how about five red hot products that you can start selling within minutes from now?!

For the next few days you'll be able to grab hold of an amazing 5 products that you can start downloading, extract, edit and upload to your server within minutes from now and have your own army of products to sell!

This is not your average offer and is definitely not for those looking for a 'quick fix'. What' you're about to get your hands on will literally change your income from today onwards.


Work From Home Mastermind
With Master Resell Rights License!



Sales Man Sales Letters
With Master Resell Rights License!


The Website Flipper
With Resell Rights License!




Public Speaking Extraordinaire
With Master Resell Rights License!




Ultimate Productivity
With Master Resell Rights License!



Professional Sales Page! - complete with mini-site graphics, professionally written sales copy and a well presented product package. Simply replace with your name, your own price and your own payment button and you're good to go!

Download Page! - complete with download links for the entire video set and individual links to watch online to cater for your customers!

Email Broadcast! - complete with persuasive, pre-selling, pre-formatted plain text for a copy and paste solution. Just replace with your name and link to your website and let your subscribers know!

Auto-Responder Series! - squeeze every last bit of profit from your visitors as possible and turn tyre-kickers into red hot hyper-active buyers! Simply replace your auto-responder with your name and website link and plug into your auto-responder series for an instant eCourse!

Video Series In Flash Format - deliver what you promise and teach your customers tips, tricks and tactics that they never knew! Become an instant expert in whatever you sell to build your online status, presence and income!

Professional Affiliate Page! - make more sales than the initial customer sale! Use the affiliate page as a foundation for creating your own affiliate program. Allow your affiliates and customers to promote your product and personalize all their resources within seconds! Fully compatible with all 3rd party affiliate programs!

Click Copy Code For Affiliates! - selecting, copying and pasting snippets of code is no fun for affiliates. Your click copy button encourages your affiliates to work faster and to become more motivated selling for you!

Animated Banners And Graphics Pack! - it's no surprise that the more resources you provide for your affiliates, the more ways people can find your site and the more traffic you'll get. You'll get access to  animated banners and promotional graphics which are also integrated into your affiliate page!

Text-layered PSD Files! You'll be able to rename, edit and rebrand your product to match your domain and marketing style. Simply open with Photoshop or GIMP (free) and edit the text layers, save and slice and you've instantly got a new product!

Content Protection! - Every download page is hidden from the search engines and will not get indexed or spidered. Even if someone happens to be snooping around your videos directory, they will be automatically sent back to your sales page. That last thing you want is lost sales!



$5.99 Per Each






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